Our full-service offering encompasses all aspects related to patenting inventions from inception and prioritisation, through skilful drafting, filing and carefully prosecuting patent applications around the World, through to conducting oppositions before the European Patent Office and enforcement of clients’ granted patents against competitors.


Whether your business is in an emerging, evolving or conventional industry, patents are used to protect your technological advances, products and research. To obtain the maximum possible protection for your technological advances, products and research, it is critical to find an Attorney Firm and an Attorney (or team of Attorneys) who has the necessary legal expertise, relevant experience, technical understanding and indeed enthusiasm in your technical field. Optimus Patents, as a niche, specialist Private Practice, was established to provide clients with an unparalleled level of expertise in dedicated and selected technological fields, as well as bespoke and excellent customer care. Optimus understands the commercial objectives and budget constraints that apply within our client base and stand by our proven, unrivalled track record on attaining patent grants/allowances for our clients.



European Patent Law is structured to enable a third party to object to (e.g. ‘oppose’) a patent that is about to be granted. Consequently, our clients are interested in protecting their patents from such oppositions, whilst some clients are interested in opposing their competitor’s European patents that they believe should not be granted. Such ‘oppositions’ may be based on new prior art that the Patent Examiner was not aware of, arguments that a Patent Examiner may not have considered, a better understanding of the art that the Patent Examiner was unaware of, clarity or enablement problems with the proprietor’s patent spec., etc. The Forum is akin to a Patent Court, so experience and expertise is key to achieving the desired aims. Optimus Attorneys have vast experience in dealing with contentious proceedings before the European Patent Office, and based on our success rate in European Patent Office Oral Proceedings, clients readily entrust their defensive and offensive patent opposition work to Optimus. 


The interpretation of a ‘design’ is generally subjective and careful consideration should be given to determine if a product is eligible for design protection. If design protection is suitable then it is also necessary to consider exactly what is registered, as this will define the extent of design protection. Optimus' Attorneys bring experience, specialist skills and a detailed understanding of Design Case Law in preparing design applications for our clients, which is critical in order to extract optimum commercial value from the design application.

Our committed and passionate Designs team is knowledgeable in the mechanisms for protecting our client’s products and designs, including UK, US and European registered design rights, unregistered design rights and copyright.  We also have experience handling design applications in others territories including Russian and Canada. With many years of experience, Optimus’ Attorneys provide clients with valuable, trusted, commercially-focused Design law advice on the best strategies to protect new designs, in order to maximise the commercial potential of their design assets in the UK, US and Europe. We also provide advice on competitors’ registrations, and how these may impact our clients.



Optimus is one of only a handful of firms that can claim both European and US Offices. This Corporate structure enables our clients to benefit greatly from a cogent and cohesive approach to prosecuting both European and US patent applications within a single organisation. Our clients benefit greatly from a single Attorney being experienced in the nuances of both patent systems to construct persuasive arguments to different Patent Examiners applying their different respective patent laws. Optimus’s Attorney Team is also able to gain better success and add value for our clients as some of our Attorneys have worked as Patent Examiners for the USPTO and EPO … thereby providing ‘insider’ knowledge and understanding of how to persuade Patent Examiners to grant our clients’ patent applications. A number of our clients also appreciate the removal of the industry-standard, double charging approach whereby two distinct firms are required to prosecute respective patent applications for the same invention in two or more jurisdictions. 25% of Optimus’ patent work is carried out at the USPTO, and our superlative success rate for converting patent applications to granted/allowed patents applies equally to US cases as it does for European cases.


In his previous role at Motorola, the Director of Optimus, Tony Wray, held the position of Communications Technologies Patent Portfolio Manager for Europe, managing and driving the development of thousands of patents and applications across the huge range of Motorola’s technologies. Tony has been invited to present at International Forums in the area of Strategic Patent Portfolio Management and his experience, expertise and his recognised track record has been utilised by a number of Optimus’ clients. The range of services/advice include: running advanced inventing sessions, product invention extraction sessions to obtain protection of a client’s IP before shipment, analysing and registering Technology Standards Essential Patents for Optimus’ clients, portfolio analysis to identify core patents for licensing and/or portfolio gaps, developing in-house invention submission review programs and teams, strategic foreign filing advice, advice on assignments/licences, due diligence when selling or purchasing many US$ worth of patent portfolios, infringement opinions, freedom-to-operate advice, etc.


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