“We have been using Optimus’ attorney and Intellectual Property (IP) Data Management and/or Formalities Services for over a decade now. Both the attorney’s and support staff have a pro-active mindset and understand the needs of an industrial customer like us, and deliver results meeting those needs – organized, efficient and flexible firms. They are all real specialists in their area with a really client-oriented mindset, trying to deliver the best possible results.”  

Frodo Ferro, Senior IP Counsel for EMEA, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

“Optimus’ provides a unique and refreshing ‘in-house’ based service as Outside Counsel”

General Manager, European Intellectual Property Department, Sony Europe Limited

“The entire experience can simply be summarized as OUTSTANDING! The quality and correctness of the initial document was extremely good. We were able to finalize the application after two easy review cycles. I have considerable experience in this aspect of the patent process and the work with Matt went very well and was delightfully easy and smooth. It certainly ranks “near the top” based on my 38 years of experience. Based on internal conversations, I think the other co-inventors on this application would agree.”

Joe Circello, Chief Architect, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

“I have been a customer of Optimus’ services for about a decade now. They provide patent prosecution services for a variety of my clients and spanning a variety of technologies and offer, in each and every instance, superb service. Optimus goes way beyond serving as a mere official post office box and offers great value-added by way of their experience, insights, and recommendations. And yet, their competitive billing would suggest a more humble brand of representation. I know and have worked with a considerable number of European patent practitioners, and I find the average level of knowledge and skill for those folks to be relatively high. With that performance bar so high, I nevertheless continually find the combination of excellent service and competitive pricing by Optimus to place them easily amongst the preeminent service providers in Europe.”

– Steve G Parmelee, Partner – Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery, LLP

“Many thanks again and you really do give us a great service helping to manage all the admin! … and thanks for going the extra mile to make life easier for us here”

– Angelina Elliott-Smith, Senior Legal and Compliance Counsel, ip.access Ltd

“I have worked with Optimus’ Formalities Team for 10 years. Optimus’ Formality Section offers an efficient, professional, and highly competent formality and docket management service that is not only provided with an outstanding level of expertise, but also with an extremely positive, helpful, and friendly approach. Whether an issue requires reliable data monitoring, meticulous data recording, or pro-active problem solving, the Section can be relied on to always find and apply the appropriate solution and approach. It is a joy to work with Optimus’ Formality Section and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

– Rene Jepsen, Director, Eltima Consulting