Added Value

At Optimus, we strive to differentiate ourselves by offering a more commercial, pro-active and creative service, adding value to your business at every stage.

Consider the following when assessing ‘Added Value’:

  1. How often does your patent team review the design of your target patent portfolio?
  2. Are your inventors aware of the pitfalls of the patent process?
  3. Have your ‘innovation generation’ programmes produced invention overload?
  4. How often do your product audits reveal unprotected patentable material?
  5. How easily do you secure last-minute patent protection?
  6. Is your Patent Attorney fluent in ‘inventor-speak’?
  7. How valuable is pro-active, commercial patent advice to your business?
  8. How revealing are your analyses of your competitors’ patent activities?
  9. How many aces do you have up your sleeve at the negotiation table?
  10. How successful are the cost-saving measures introduced by your Patent Attorney?

Optimus’ Charges


At Optimus, we advise our clients about costs openly and without embarrassment because Industry needs financial transparency and certainty. We ‘talk costs’ at all stages to ensure our clients have full knowledge of the options open to them and the cost consequences of their decisions and instructions to us.


We are happy to work with our clients to tailor a charging structure to suit individual budgets and requirements. Whether based on traditional time-charging or more commercial and contemporary fixed pricing, we respect the budget parameters we set and keep these under review with our clients.


Intellectual property, and patent acquisition in particular, is a significant cost to the business – if costs are considered in isolation. Now consider the cost of developing and marketing a new product. Patents should not be considered a luxury: realistically, they are the means of protecting that investment, simultaneously becoming commercial assets. We are confident that our contribution to our clients’ businesses will ensure that there are no IP budget concerns. We ensure clients’ value our expertise and service.

Premium Service Through Added Value